Is Sugar Daddy Sydney Dating The Same As Escort Dating Service?

When you first know sugar daddy dating, the question on your mind is – is it the same as prostitution? Is it even legal? Are Sugar Babies hookers, prostitutes or escorts?

That’s an excellent question. In Australia, especially here in Sydney, prostitutes, hookers and escorts are quite common.

The truth is most Sugar Daddy Sites in Australia have this kind of Sugar Babies – prostitutes, escorts and hookers, who claim to be Sugar Babies looking for a mutual arrangement relationship.

We said most, but not all… a seeking arrangement site with a very strict verification system. We are very serious about one thing in particular – no hookers, prostitutes or escorts allowed on our platform.

That is why anyone who signs up as a Sugar Baby on our site is subjected to a dynamic verification system. We conduct a thorough background check on them and verify that everything they have written on their profile – whether it’s their age, residence, employment status are true or not.

Why we are different

We have a team of moderators that checks every profile, and they examine everything, right from the photographs, and see if they are authentic or not. We don’t want any scammers or fraudsters on our site, and we weed out such people as quickly as possible.

The same goes for Sugar Daddies that are on our platform – they go through a vigorous background check as well. We don’t want any perverts or sexual predators on this site. Anyone with a criminal record will have their profiles deleted and lose their access to our site.

Also, we make sure that the Sugar Daddies are who they say they are. We can’t have a janitor pretending to be a multimillionaire! You won’t believe how often this happens and how hard our moderators work to weed out such elements.

It is our goal to make a perfectly safe platform for rich and handsome Sugar Daddies to meet young and beautiful Sugar Babies.

Now, to address the elephant in the room…

Are sugar babies prostitutes?


Sugar Babies are not prostitutes as they are not paid for sex. They are given gifts in exchange for their companionship. That’s it. There is no such contractual agreement that states that a Sugar Baby has to provide sexual favors in exchange for the gifts given to her by the Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Babies are young, educated women, mostly college students or recent graduates. They are by no means prostitutes, hookers, or escorts. They are smart, ambitious young ladies with a bright future, who see the mutual arrangement relationship as a stepping stone to something bigger in life.

Why do women become Sugar Babies?

We have many smart young women in Australia wanting to become Sugar Babies because of the financial allowance of $1,000 -$3,000 a month, and gift allowances of at least $1,000/month. That helps pay the bills; takes care of the student loans and credit card payments.

What’s more, they get to wine and dine in the best restaurants, stay at the best hotels, visit exotic locations around the world, meet smart people like themselves and yes, date rich and handsome, mature men who can teach them a thing or two about life, work, and business.

As said earlier, sex is not a part of the deal. Some Sugar Babies do have sex with Sugar Daddies, but only if they are attracted to them – just as in a normal relationship. There is no compulsion or pressure of any sort.

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