Is It A Good Idea to Find A Sugar Daddy Sydney on Social Media Network?

Want to join the sugardaddymeet world in Sydney? Great, but which is the best place to find Sugar Daddies? Is it the social media – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, etc.? Can you even trust the social media?

Well, you’ve probably seen a lot of Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media sites or online forums. The question is how legit are they?

After all, you cannot be unaware of the many social media scams that are reported in the mainstream media. Many so-called Sugar Daddies on the social media offer women cash and incentives like a luxury cruise trip for their companionship.

But can you really trust them?

There are reports of highly sophisticated scams run on the social media which involve fake videos and ID cards, where the Sugar Daddies make claims that are too good to be true.

You cannot trust someone who offers expensive gifts and free cash online. It’s more than likely that they are conmen looking for an easy target – a young and vulnerable woman, who they can then exploit.

The social media is awash with profiles of so-called Sugar Daddies such as these. These profiles are generally featured under hashtags such as #paypig and #sugardaddy on Twitter and Instagram. They have pictures of middle-aged men, who look rich, but who knows for sure?

Most of these social media profiles are of fake Sugar Daddies or conmen pretending to be wealthy older men. Yes, many of these fake Sugar Daddies even feature screenshots of their bank account statements and PayPal accounts, or that of themselves in a yacht or an expensive-looking house.

They even have videos of these gentle handling bundles of hard cash, waiting to throw the cash at any young woman who takes their bait.

Be very careful here

..These social media Sugar Daddy scams are nothing more than examples of conmen and scammers who want to take advantage of young women by offering to pay a lot of money.

Many young women wanting to be Sugar Babies are desperate, and it is so easy to scam them. For instance, we had one Sugar Baby from Sydney (name withheld on request) contacting us.

This young woman was contacted by a “Sugar Daddy” on Instagram, who offered to provide her with a weekly allowance of $3,000 – sounds too good to be true. He claimed to be a rich hedge fund manager.

Only hitch – he wanted her bank details so that he could wire her the money. What’s more, he wanted this young lady to send $4,000 by cash to his secretary’s address, so that he could show that this was a legit business transaction.

Foolishly, the young woman obliged, after all, the promise of a $3,000 weekly allowance is too good to ignore. She sent $4,000 to this man’s address by cash and never heard from him again. $4,000 gone, just like that, for nothing!

Well, at least this young lady wasn’t sexually exploited or assaulted, thank goodness for that – we have heard such stories as well.

The thing is, real Sugar Daddies in Sydney are not so flippant with their money, and they don’t look for Sugar Babies on the social media. They prefer to use websites such as Seeking Arrangement which have a stringent verification system in place.

We have a team of human moderators who use every trick or technique in the book to conduct thorough background checks on both Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies in Sydney, to make sure that they are who they say they are.

All Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies on our site are asked to provide proof of identity and residence, such as their passport. We also take feedback from our members and supervise everything that goes on here on this site, and do everything possible to weed out the scammers and conmen from our site.

So if you’re looking for real and authentic Sydney Sugar Daddies, sign up here and create your Sugar Baby profile.


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